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Have you ever found yourself in this situation while trading?

You were not sure what the trend was, or you thought the price for a currency pair like EURUSD was going to go up, so you placed a Buy order with 1.0 or 0.1 (whatever lot size you chose).

It moved up as you anticipated to somewhere around 15pips, and then turned and started going south.

Now it has moved against your position for over 50pips, hit your SL, and then turned and began moving up again, and reached where you had previously set your TP.

How did you feel?

Hunted? Yes, that’s usually the feeling. As a result, you decided not to use SL orders again.

So, you found another opportunity, and placed a sell order on GBPUSD, but this time no stop loss order. Sometimes, you got positive results to validate the feeling that your SL orders were being hunted.

But at some point you then entered this set of trades…

It moved against you by 50pips, and you hoped it would return, but it did not.

You opened another sell position hoping it would go down shortly so you could recover and take home some profit.

Alas! It went further up! So, you now decided to buy and hedge the positions by opening a position with equal number of lots to offset the value of the sell positions.

It was at this time that war was declared on you, as you began to find it difficult to know where exactly to exit with profit.

Often when asked you would say you hedged the positions.

Do You Understand FX Hedging?

But let me ask you; Do you really understand Hedging  in FX trading as a strategy?

Over the years, I have seen traders struggle with Hedging as a strategy when it comes to trading financial assets.

Some get their accounts wiped out in the process. 

I have been there…

In 2008, I had some fantastic experience on this I want to quickly share with you.

I had just flipped about $50 to $150 in 13 days. Then to $900 in about two months.

Then, my brother had an accident, and I abandoned my trades without closing them and without TP orders.

He eventually died from that accident at UPTH that same evening. I became so devastated and started opening counter positions to the losing trades. At some point I cut a few winners hoping the losers would recover.

I Blew The Account!

Eventually, the entire account was gone.

After recovering from the shocks, I resumed trading in January of 2009.

Things were working fine again, until I began to feel my SL was being hunted. As a result, I stopped using SL again.

When it moved against me, I opened the counter position. That was my idea of hedging. This continued until I lost over $17K within a month.

The “on and off” battle continued for years, and I couldn’t figure out how to hedge profitably and without guesswork.

Hedging can be a real struggle when you begin to find it difficult to know which to cut and which to let run, especially if you don’t have the right hedging strategy.

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simple fx hedging

Oh! Did I Finally Crack The FX Trading Hedging Code?

To cut a long story short, after several years of struggling with hedging and losing several accounts in the process, fortune smiled on me…

I finally found an institutional trader who taught me how to hedge profitably. Yes, I paid the price both in cash and in time to have this super institutional trader train me on the right way to hedge profitably.

I began to practice what I was learning and began to see the results positively.

It took me sometime to do all the setup, so it dawned on me that like my usual self, who would not keep any good thing or solution I have learned about profitable trading to myself; I began to think of how busy traders could keep up with the setup of the Hedging strategy.

At that point, I thought to myself that perhaps I could create templates to make it easier for any trader to pick up and start trading with just about 5 to 10 minutes commitment to setting it up.

[40%] off the regular price of $50 price

To really confirm the efficacy of this strategy not just as a risk management strategy, but as a Trading system that is capable of revolutionizing your trading career, I had to setup personal challenges for myself.

I started an account with $1702 and went on a 14 Days Hedging Challenge. At the end of 13 days, the new balance and equity became $2230.

I also tested it on a $26 and $a little over $50 accounts, and these also performed well with some discoveries.

I decided to extend the beta test to a few traders and the results and testimonies were the same.
In fact, one told me this could be turned into an EA if it continues performing this way.


For you, as a trader that always feels your stop loss orders are being hunted, (Yes, stop loss orders do get hunted sometimes) this strategy is a perfect fit for you.

With this strategy, irrespective of the draw-down in your P&L balance, as long as you maintain a good position size for your account size, you can be rest assured that everything will still align in your favor after all.

Price does not continue in one direction  for eternity, but always retraces. That is where this strategy comes in to both protect your account and at the same time deliver your profits consistently. 

As long as you use the right lot size for the right account size, you can be sure that you will be taking home good profits each and every week. 

This strategy can do well in both ranging and volatile markets. Just be disciplined and follow the rules of the system.

[40%] off the regular price of $50 price

(For Nigerian Residents= ₦35000) [₦65000]

Tired of Struggling with Hedging Your Trades and Keeping Your Trading Account Healthy?

This Strategy has been tested on Demo Accounts and Live Accounts. 
It has also been tested on Big and smaller accounts.
It was tested with Over $10K account, $1500, $250, $300, $50, $25 accounts.
There are a couple factors to observe to ensure the safety of your accounts.
You will learn these during the FX Trading Hedging Challenge.
This has been also tested on a number of instruments, including Gold, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY, AUDUSD, USDCHF, etc.

However, if you must trade this with Gold, there are a few things you must know to be safe and profitable.

You will learn those during the Challenge.

[40%] off the regular price of $50 price

(For Nigerian Residents= ₦35000) [₦65000]

Imagine if…

You have access to a trading strategy that takes away all the sleepless nights, and daytime worries from you. Need I tell you about the time when I sat on my trading desk from 2pm to 2pm the following day, and did not sleep until the account was wiped out. That was when sleep came. I know some of you can relate to some of these my experiences. 

Now, when you join the FX Trading Hedging Challenge with Coach Ifeanyi Uche, you will enjoy the following…

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money back guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Now, let me reverse your risk, because in your mind, you may be thinking “What if it doesn’t work for me?

You will promise me to follow every instruction I give you, take the lessons, join the updates, and do the exercises (very simple exercises that enable you make profit).

If after following all of these instructions and implementing the strategy, and you do not make at least between 2-5% weekly, after 30 days of implementation, feel free to ask for a full refund of the amount you paid for the Course/Challenge. And as soon as we receive your request for refund, confirming the strategy did not work for you after following the guide, we will refund you 101%, no questions asked.

That’s how confident we are that the FX Trading Hedging Strategy is that good.

Why Do I Even Need this Strategy?

You may secretly be asking yourself if you really need this strategy?

Let me be frank with you…

If you have been trading for any length of time with real money, you will agree with me that as a trader you need a simple system that will help you to consistently make steady profits without putting your heart in danger.

When I learnt to use the system, I was under intense money pressure. So, because the system was not giving me the “BIG Money” that I was looking for, I abandoned it, and went back to the untested strategy that could give you the big money today, and take back the Bigger one tomorrow. 

And guess what happened?

Yes, you guessed right, I blew up the account in flames.

By the time I returned to the strategy, I figured out it was consistently giving an average of 2% daily profit. That means if I had maintained the use of the system, I would have solved the financial problem though slowly, but surely, rather than creating more financial burdens on myself.

Same can apply to you!

Just stick with the system for the next 14 days, 30 days, 6 months, 12 months, and you will see how profitable and consistent a trader you would have become in the process.

Hedging Benefit #1: Risk Mitigation…

One of the primary benefits of FX hedging is its ability to mitigate risk. By entering into hedging positions as a trader, you can offset potential losses from adverse market movements. This risk management tool is particularly valuable for beginners who may be more vulnerable to market volatility and sudden price fluctuations.

Hedging Benefit #2: Stability in Uncertain Markets…

Hedging helps maintain stability in uncertain market conditions. For both beginners and experienced traders, market unpredictability can pose significant challenges. FX hedging provides a layer of protection against unexpected events, allowing you to navigate turbulent markets with greater confidence.

Hedging Benefit #3: Enhanced Profit Potential…

While the primary goal of hedging is risk reduction, it can also enhance profit potential. By strategically managing exposure to currency fluctuations, traders can capitalize on favorable market movements while safeguarding against losses. This aspect of FX hedging appeals to both beginners seeking steady growth and seasoned traders aiming to optimize returns.

Hedging Benefit #4: Flexibility and Adaptability…

FX hedging offers you flexibility and adaptability in responding to changing market dynamics. Whether adjusting hedge ratios or incorporating new hedging instruments, as a trader can tailor your strategies to suit evolving market conditions. This adaptability is advantageous for both beginners learning to navigate the FX market and seasoned professionals seeking to optimize their trading approach.

2.3% In One Day in 2024

The System is Good, It Made 2.3% In One Day!

The system is good. yesterday ej made 2.3%. though i set up late and missed it. meanwhile eu/gu have trades but its hedged at the moment. except another trade opens, today may end as no win.—Shekinnah

Hey there, My name is Ifeanyi Uche

My journey into FX and Online trading began over 17 years ago, in 2006.

I had just lost so much in the so much noised HYIPs (High Yield Investment Programs) of those days. Then a colleague, Tim, advised that I consider FX trading, since I could stomach so much risk.

I had always loved taking risks in business.

That was when I decided I was going to learn to trade.

I attended the First Money In the Bank Workshop for Intelligent Investors, organized by Success Attitude Development Centre (SADC), headed then by the Late Dr. Emmanuel Ojeagbase and his amiable wife, Pastor (Mrs.) Esther Ojeagbase.

It would have been easier for me to conclude with, “The rest is history.”

But that was not so in my case, because after the workshop the trading challenges began for me.

I lost my first trading account within the first two weeks of trading. 

But then I did not give up, as I went on to learn to generate profitable signals.

A testament to the profitability of those signals can be seen in the following testimonials…
We will share just two for now because of space.

Ifeanyi Uche

What Some of the Beneficiaries of Ifeanyi Uche’s Signals Had to Say

If you feel like…

The FX Hedging Challenge will guide you through each step of Identifying the right hedging zones, setups, the right instruments, and all you need to become extremely profitable all week, all month, all year!

How Can You Turn Your Investment in This Course into Monthly Trading Profits?

Let’s assume you gain access to this strategy at the current discounted price of $30.

Let’s assume also that you decided to first test it with $100. Lets’ assume you followed the instructions to trade maximum 3 -4 instruments weekly with 0.1 lot size ($0.10/pip).

Keeping to all the Trading Rules and monitoring and closing your positions as soon as you hit target, you generate between 5%-10% weekly. Let’s pick the average and work out something…

Week One: $100 +$7(7%) = $107.

Week Two: $107 +$7.49(7% of $107)=$114.49.

Week Three: $114.49+$ 8.01 = $122.50

Week Four: $122.5+$8.58=$131.08.

So, as you can see on average, if you generate only 7% weekly, you would have made about 31% in one month.

At least that would have covered for the amount you paid for the course, and in subsequent months, it will be all profits.

Also note that the skill you master with this strategy can never be taken from you, and that is priceless. 

The image below is a summary of FX Hedging Trading activities on one of the accounts between January 26 and February 16 with high lot exposure of 0.1 for a small account.

Like I explained in the course, I personally prefer to use 0.1 lot for account size of between $25 and $100. But there is another factor I bring in to play, explained in the Masterclass.

Hedging results summary

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