is cryptocurrency an asset

Is Crypto Currency an Asset?

Is Cryptocurrency an Asset?

Is crypto currency an asset? Since this is one of the questions on the lips of many who sincerely want to acquire cryptos, we want to deal with it. But many are truly confused on whether this or that crypto currency will take or put money into their pockets and bank accounts.

Is it not interesting how banks have hated bitcoin and other crypto currencies so much that even some central banks around the world placed a ban on them? China, India, Venzuella, and Nigeria, are just to name a few.

I had this argument with a banker a few years back when bitcoin was still less than $1000, and he told me bluntly that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies would not last, because in his opinion, it is for the “bad boys”. Well, I told him to watch because Bitcoin was unstoppable. The rest is history as they say.

First, I want you to note that all cryptos are called digital assets. So they are not physical assets like your house, landed property, or car.

But then, is it right to really call crypto or cryptocurrency an asset?

An understanding of the true meaning of the term, asset will help a great deal.

What is an Asset?

Assets provide future economic benefits to the asset owner, be it business or an individual. In other words, an asset is something that puts money in your pocket or bank account.

Based on this premise, can we conclude that crypto or cryptocurrency is an asset?

Let us pick some of the cryptocurrencies you may already own or want to own to analyze if they are assets…

Bitcoin: Bitcoin was created by an anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto in year 2008. The crypto started at a US Dollar cent per coin. Many never thought anything good could come out of it. That may have informed why a Florida man paid 10K Bitcoins for a pizza in 2010. But, fast track to 11 years after and Bitcoin is currently trading above $50K. Those who had bitcoin when it was $10K have their fiat currency increasing because their BTC keeps rising in value just like a real estate asset. You can start buying Bitcoin from Coinbase.

ZENIQ Coin: ZENIQ Coin was created on the ZENIQ Blockchain early this year, February 2021. The  ZENIQ blockchain which was created to mint ZENIQ coins started minting 100 coins per hub per day in February. And the value of the coin has moved from $0.043488 on February 4, 2021 to $0.398383 as at the time of writing in August, 2021. Meaning the value has also increased by 916% in less than 9 months.

But there is one interesting thing about the ZENIQ blockchain that makes it stand out from all other blockchains….

What drives a cryptocurrency are its applications or use cases in business and industry mainly. And this is what ZENIQ Coin is enjoying. So what makes ZENIQ Coin stand out is that the coins are not mined but minted.

The ZENIQ Hubs or Minting Shares keep minting coins for Minting HUBS and Minting SHARES owners daily, and it’s going to go on for the next 20 years. Minted coins are available for swapping to ethereum on the Uniswap exchange within 72 hours of minting. This coin daily puts money into your wallet, and that is a character of an asset.

Click Here to Buy a ZENIQ Coin Minting Hub after Creating Your account with Safir. (Create a Free account and start buying your minting hub)

In conclusion, it is clear and obvious that though cryptocurrency is not a physical asset, it is a great digital asset anyone that values his/her future and that of your children should start acquiring immediately.

Get Started with ZENIQ Coins Minting now.

You can also read How to Buy ZENIQ Coins in 5 Simple Steps by Clicking Here>>>

I will appreciate your questions and contributions to this article.

Talk soon!

IAM Ifeanyi Uche


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