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Forex Profits with NextGen Academy

Forex profits accumulation is the dream of every Forex trader, howbeit, it appears to be elusive to most traders.

For many a trader it appears making and keeping Forex profits is either a herculean task or an impossibility. The first time I attempted placing a trade I was mess. I sat in front of my computer having installed MT4 trading platform and did not know what next to do. I then noticed tears dropping from my eyes. What is going on with me? Could I have wasted all that time I spent in vain? I had spent an entire week at a Forex seminar where the facilitator never placed a single trade on demo. I later funded my live trading account which I blew up in two weeks of trading.

There were claims that Forex was a gold mine. Who would warn the people that it’s not as these people were promoting the Forex market to be?

So, I organized what I would call the very first ever free Forex seminar in Nigeria back in June/July of 2007. This was a time when the ‘gurus’ were collecting N25K to organize a Forex seminar on a Saturday. You and I know that no market is open on Saturdays, but they were collecting huge sums of money for it.

At my first ever free Forex seminar I informed the audience that they could lose their whole money to the market. I had sold my business and invested in Forex trading, but I lost it all. There after I began to research and study what worked and what did not.

Learning to Create Trading Systems

I found babypips.com and began to study the content. One of the interesting things I learnt on the babypips website was how I could create my own trading system. I thought that the Forex profits were in the trading systems, so I poured in efforts into learning and creating my first.

I also started studying Fibonacci retracements strategy. In my google search of Fibonacci I stumbled on Jeff Boyd’s website. Jeff was helpful as I was always going back to him every evening to ask questions on the subject. Since the interactions were email based and text, I missed out some points and started using and teaching Fibonacci the way I thought was right.

In that my first seminar, I met a guy who came from Jos Nigeria just to buy my trading system. We agreed and he bought it from me for N7.5K which to me was a lot of money then. Call that one of my first Forex profits and you wouldn’t be far from the truth. Three years after, Charles Marcel stood up in a class where I was facilitating a seminar to inform the class of his encounter with me. He was the one that bought the trading system from me in 2007.

He Made Millions and Built a House in Jos with Forex Profits Made from Using My First Trading System

Charles told the class how he bought a trading system from Ifeanyi Uche three years before, made profits which turned into millions and built a house in Jos, Nigeria.

Yours truly did not make more than the amount I sold the system. I had gone ahead to create more systems.

My News Trading System Helped Chief Uchenna Obiezu to Make U$D22K in One Month!

I learnt news trading through the recommendation of a beloved friend and brother, John Adeyemo. I started following Felix Homogratus of the then secretforexsociety, forex bastards and later Forexpearmy.com. After my lessons I began sending profitable news trading signals. It was as if I became an instant celebrity when my mentor, Dr. Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase of blessed memory requested that I write on News Signals for Success Digest Newspaper. We traversed Nigeria teaching Forex profits in the coming years. The late Dr. Ojeagbase called us the three musketeers: John Adeyemo, Taiwo Balogun, and yours truly, Ifeanyi Uche.

What Happened? Why AM I Losing IT?

One day I wanted to impress my readers and audience that trading was easy, so I embarked on managing traders’ accounts. Initially things were going on smoothly that I even bragged with my mentor what I wanted to prove. With 145% Forex Profits returned in three weeks, what an impressive exploit, I thought I had arrived.

Then it hit me like a tsunami. I blew the first set of accounts, then accepted new ones, and by June of 2009 I had blown even bigger accounts. I wanted the ground to open and swallow me before embarking on a 5 day-dry fasting to no avail.

That was the beginning of my swing high and swing low roller-coaster trading career. One of the last trading accounts I blew up belonged to Charles Ogboka. I couldn’t explain how it all happened. He was even so kind to suggest spiritual solution. I also blew some bigger accounts that nearly sent me into depression.

Every Year I Tried to Fix It Without Success

My Forex Profit story is really a lengthy one, but I have to cut it short at this point. I had tried and taught all sorts. Then a friend introduced NextGen Academy to me. Initially I was skeptical until I looked closer to see what was on offer.

The following caught my attention before I decided to enroll for a fresh start at the academy:

  • No Monthly Subscription
  • Daily Reward of Up to 2-3% weekly
  • Access to 20 Lesson Modules that will take you from beginner to advanced.
  • You get Access to 3 Winning strategies: Asian Rejection Strategy, Newton Index, and Davinci Code for trading crypto profitably.
  • Access to tools worth $30K monthly with you not having to pay monthly subscription.
  • Free to Join Here!
  • Choose a Package from as low as €100 for an entire year access.
  • As an investor, you can compound your package to earn up to 400% in 52 weeks and cash out over another 52 weeks. You can invest in yourself with anywhere from €100 to €25K.
Blown Away By NextGen Academy Offers!

I was blown away with what I saw. Then I enrolled and activated a package. Within the first three days after my package activation, I funded an account and still traded the way I used to. That led to a draw down of over 50% within three days. At that point I counseled myself to obey the instructions I was receiving from the lesson at NextGen academy. I then used two of the systems; Asian Rejection Strategy and Fibonacci Strategy (which opened my eyes to whatever I was doing wrong on Fibonacci Trading before now), and within two days, grew the account back without over trading.

So, what is my conclusion on making and keeping Forex profits?

NextGen Academy will make it possible.

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This is to your Success!



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