How to Use the Three-Foot Rule in Network Marketing to Take Your Business to 7 Figures

How to Use the Three-Foot Rule in Network Marketing to Take Your Business to 7 Figures

Three-Foot Rule


The three-foot rule in Network Marketing basically states that marketers are supposed to consider anyone within 3 feet from them (literally) to be potential clients. It was brought about in order to force people to extensively look for clients, and recruit more marketers into the business.


However, this rule has really brought about a lot of controversy among many business elites. Some claim that the rule is not realistic while others are for it 100%. It all depends on how you take it or use the rule.


Personally, I think that it all depends on how well you put the rule into practice. Applying it blindly can cause a problem for you and your loved ones.


Generally, people do not appreciate it when strangers approach and start talking to them persuasively about business opportunities. In fact, I, in particular do not take it lightly.  There was a day I went to use the ATM around Egbeda, and as I was just about coming down from the car, there was this young man smiling ear to ear with some fliers in his hands telling me about some business opportunity. I politely told him I was not interested.



Some others who do like to be accosted on the way and told about some business opportunity think that you have seen them to be failures that need a job; and this might even end up in a scuffle.


If you are the type that will approach people in the streets or fellow passengers in a bus, then you are doing it wrongly.



Some would even suggest you look for areas that have a lot of business minded individuals. Take for example business seminars where most people attending such are individuals that aspire to be entrepreneurs in the future. They argue that this is one group that will not mind hearing about a particular network.  And I think that this also is wrong, because I for one will not want to get distracted by someone I do not even know if they have a business, they can call their own to be hawking business opportunities as such events venues.


Furthermore, if you analyze the amount of time you will use up talking to everyone you meet then you will be astonished. One thing is for sure, not everyone will accept your proposal. Maybe only 20% will take time to listen to you. Mathematically, you will have wasted about 80% of your day talking to people that do not give a heck about what it is you are talking about. If compared to someone who strategically points out to potential clients, then you will have earned approximately half what he or she has earned on that particular day.


All in all, the three foot rule is not bad. It tends to be bad when used wrongly. In fact, it is a very strategic method of going about your day to day marketing and recruiting spree. Just look for the right people to confront. Do not jump around talking to every Tom, Dick and Harry that you spot on the streets; this will not take you anywhere. As a matter of fact, it will waste you. 


So, let me now share with you how to use the 3 feet rule of network marketing in the digital age…


The pandemic; Covid-19 that has been ravaging the globe since the beginning of year 2020 opened the eyes of many in the business world about going digital in marketing. That’s what I want to talk to you about.


I believe that your potential customer is just about 3-feet away from you today with digital marketing. You and the fellow may be miles apart physically; they may be in Australia while you are in Nigeria, but the internet has brought them some 3 feet close. The 3-feet rule now applies so well if that can be measured in any way.


And how do you use or apply it today?


Lead Funnels. Use lead generation funnels to reach them.

You need to learn to create Lead Magnets to attract these potential clients of yours.

Make sure the Lead Market you offer them is relevant to them and to your products and services.


If they can relate your lead magnet to what you’re offering in your business or opportunity, it will be a whole easier to convert them from just leads to customers to fans.


I will suggest at this point that you take a course on Sales and Leads Funnels.


What are Lead Funnels? What are Sales Funnels?

Start with creating a legal bait to exchange contacts with your potential leads, instead of going the old fashion way of buying leads, and start disturbing them with strange calls to come join your business.


We might cover lead and sales funnels in a subsequent piece.


Finally, as a network marketing professional, start training yourself and your team to use the digital age tools to implement some of the rules that have worked offline and long ago.

You might just be in for big and profitable surprises.


Kindly leave your thoughts, questions, and concerns in the comments section.




IAM Ifeanyi Uche

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