Bitcoin to Rise to over $250K in one year?

Bitcoin to rise to over $250K in one year? Is that really possible?

At the beginning of 2017, some experts predicted Bitcoin would rise to $3K. The premiere cryptocurrency did not only disappoint nay-Sayers, but far surpassed the expert prediction to hit almost $20K by the year end.

In an interview in March 2021, Raoul Pal was quoted as saying things are completely different now than in 2017. His latest prediction for the World’s number one cryptocurrency is that it’s going to rise to over $250K in one year.

Question is, should we take this to the bank? Which year is this likely going to happen?

I for one, only dreamed of Bitcoin hitting $40K in 2019, but it did not. Then came 2020, the world was greeted with global pandemic, Covid-19 outbreak. As the nations were still trying to recover from the pandemic, Bitcoin started rising again, until it hit over $60K in April 2021.

Find out what will need to happen for BTC to rise to $250K in one year in this interview…

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. We’re being given. We get to front run a wall of money this month. Bitcoin is back on the world stage after surging by over 40 percent. The main cryptocurrency almost touched its all-time high before a major correction interrupted the rally traditional financial media and wall street analysts have been skeptical of bitcoin’s performance too many.

This market movement reminded of the 2017 bitcoin bubble and the following crash. This time, though, the outcome may be very different, twenty thousand here is not the same as twenty thousand back then back.

Then it had gone up a hundred fold when it got to twenty thousand. I don’t even started this. Yet was the latest bitcoin rally just the start of a bull market and what is the bigger picture? Investors should pay attention to find out.

We talk to Raul, Paul, CEO and founder at Global Macro Investor and Real Vision. I’m Giovanni. Your host welcome to another exclusive coin telegraph interview thanks for being with us today, Raul always great to be here. Go Here and finish the reading>>>

Which coins should you buy before Bitcoin rises this time?

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