Bitcoin and Gold

Bitcoin and Gold: Your Number 1 Way to Generate Daily passive Income

Bitcoin and Gold appear to be two of the most preferred financial assets online today. They have been on the lips of many as sources of stable income in a rapidly changing economy.

This article is not going to make any submission on whether bitcoin is competing with gold. Rather, we want to share the number 1 way you can generate daily passive income in bitcoin and gold, in 2022 and beyond.

The strategy discussed here is based on personal experiences of the author and other partners. This may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, I recommend that you consider the uniqueness or peculiarity of your financial situation before following any recommendations given here.

Is it better to buy Bitcoin or Gold?

Bitcoin may promise high returns, but the cost may be too high. This may be because it is mostly not regulated, unlike Gold that tends to give you more options for risk management in your portfolio.

But as you are already aware, we are only showing you how to generate daily passive income and profit investing in gold and withdrawing Bitcoin to your crypto wallet. So, you can buy both.

How It Works

It works this way…

You invest online in gold and start receiving daily passive profit anywhere between 0.25% to 1.25% from the comfort of your home.

This is a tested and proven strategy I and some of my team members have been on since December 2020. It is still working and I strongly believe will continue to work for a long time to come.

So, you choose the package of your choice, invest your money, and then start generating daily profit within 24 hours. These profits can be withdrawn as soon as they are made, if the amount reaches the withdrawal threshold of 25 euros.

The Program Platform?

The program platform is provided by SG Market.

SG Market or Swiss Gold Market is the company that is in the business of marketing gold ingots. The gold ingots or bars are of weights from 0.1grams to 100grams in the online web shop at SG Market.

How Much Can You Make?

Remember, this is an investment program, and earnings may vary depending on the program you choose.

The Investment Programs of SG Market include the following:

  1. Promo Investment, which yields 0.25% Daily Profit
  2. Start Investment Program that yields 0.5% Daily Profit.
  3. Standard Investment Program, which yields 0.75% Daily Profit.
  4. VIP Investment Program, yielding 1.00% Daily Profit.
  5. Premium Investment Program, which yields 1.25% Daily Profit.

The figures mentioned here may sound unrealistic to conventional investors. But writing from personal experience, I can tell you they are tested and working.

What is the Duration of Each Program?

  1. The Promo Investment Program duration is 12 calendar months. You get back your invested capital after 365 days.
  2. The Start Investment Program duration is 9 months, or 272 days.
  3. The Standard Investment Program duration is 7 month, or 212 days
  4. The VIP Investment Program is for 5 months duration.
  5. The Premium Investment Program is for 3 months.

How Much Does Each Investment Program Cost?

The Cost of joining the bonus program ranges from €200 to €9800, depending on your choice.

The Promo is Free to join. You just register on the Company’s website at SG Market. This is the cheapest investment in the SG Market Investment program that returns a little above 5 percent each month.

The Bonus Programs is a board breaking matrix program, with four unique Table of Orders.

  1. Start Table of Orders requires you make a 10% prepayment of €200.
  2. Standard Table of Orders requiring a 10% prepayment of €740.
  3. VIP Table of Orders, which requires you join with €2800, and
  4. Premium Table of Orders that requires a 10% down payment of €9800.

For each of these, when your table of orders is filled three times you receive bonuses ranging from €1800 to €98000, depending on your table of orders. These bonuses are split equally into three places.

What Happens After Joining the Bonus Program?

Once you have made your choice and joined a bonus program, you can then invest in the investment program for that particular table of orders or less.

For example, if you join the Premium Table of Orders,  you will be qualified to invest in all the Investment Programs from Start to Premium. When you invest in the Premium investment, you will receive daily passive profit of 1.25% for 3 months. Investment in the VIP Investment program pays passive profit of 1% daily for 5 months, while the Standard is 0.75 daily for 7 months. The Start Investment is 0.5% daily for 9 months.

Network Marketing with a Difference?

It is important to note that SG Market adopted Network Marketing as a model for promoting its products and services. But the network marketing here comes with a difference.

While you work on building your network marketing team, you can start earning passive income within 24 hours of investing in the investment program. It is also an interesting thing that happens when you know that even before you earn from your network marketing efforts you are already making daily passive profits from the investment programs.

How to Get Bitcoin and Gold

You earn profit to buy gold. After you buy your gold ingots, you choose whether to take delivery at your registered address, or sell the gold back to the company for cash.

If you sell it you can then decide to withdraw your profit to your Bitcoin wallet. It’s that simple.

If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly drop them in the comment section.

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