activation process

Activation Process for Bitsports AI Arbitrage

Activation Process for Bitsports.

Dear users we want to remind you all what is the process of activation of deposit, currently when you make a deposit to earn from the arbitrage bot your income from Tuesday to Sunday.

To start earning from arbitrage is after 48 hours.

Example if you deposit
Apr 11 2023 @10:33:am you must wait a 48 hour time loop on that same timeline Apr 13 2023 @10:33:am is the date and time where the time loop is completed for this example.

From that time onwards every time the system deals when the bot payout round is completed that deposit is active to receive your arbitrage earnings.

Remember that each deposit is independent and has a different payout path.

you should also take into account that if you activate a deposit on a Friday, you will start earning from Tuesday because on Mondays the system does not pay arbitrage earnings.

To get registered to start earning from Bitsports, contact Me on WhatsApp.

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