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7 Questions About the ZENIQ Blockchain and Coin Answered

7 Questions About the ZENIQ Blockchain and Coin Answered…

ZENIQ Coin became available for minting by the public on February 10, 2021, and has a projection of 20 years of minting activities for ZENIQ Hub owners or until Maximum 600 million ZENIQ Coins can be minted.

The coin is already listed on Uniswap.org. You can check it out.

One unique feature that makes ZENIQ coin stand out from other coins is that the algorithm is not mineable. What we have are minted coins.

And there are a little over 5 million minted coins already in existence as at the time of writing. One ZENIQ also exchanges for 0.000118 ETH (Ethereum). The coin can be easily converted to Ethereum via the Metamask Crypto wallet.

This coin has really gained some momentum in the crypto world. However, there are still many questions that would-be owners and even majority of those who already own ZENIQ Minting hubs need to find answers to.

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Of the many questions, we will try and answer just 7 of those in this writing. If you’re ready for the questions and answers, then let’s go…

7 Questions About the ZENIQ Blockchain and Coin Answered…

Question 1:

What are the special benefits of the ZENIQ blockchain?


  • Up to 50.000 TPS (transactions per second).
  • Blockchain operates across the board, such as Ethereum Blockchain, Tron Blockchain, Binance Chain, Bitcoin, etc.
  • On ZENIQ Blockchain: First REAL decentralized exchange of its kind. No more “wrapping” is required. (A Wrapped Token is a blockchain token pegged to the value of an asset e.g. gold, equity shares, trade invoices, real estate, etc. It’s called a “wrapped” token because the original asset (e.g. an equity share) is put in a “wrapper” or “digital vault” that enables the wrapped version to be traded on a blockchain-Google)

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Question 2:

What are the special benefits of the ZENIQ exchange?


  • Decentralized Exchange
  • Best exchange rates
  •  Free transfer
  •  IBAN-compatible verification
  •  Very low fees – much cheaper than common exchanges
  •  Additional fee advantages by using ZENIQ Coin (own coin)
  •  Eurocoin (own decentralized Stablecoin) with real-time transactions (instant transactions) 0.01 EUR as a fixed transaction fee— pairs with all popular standard crypto trading currencies
  •  Asset exchanges of all kinds, from coins and tokens to countless other digital assets
  • Objective: to be positioned among the top 10 exchanges in the world from the 3rd year on.

Question 3:

What are the special benefits of the ZENIQ app?

  • Decentralized Wallet
  • Real-time fiat and crypto transactions
  • Crypto and fiat payments for online and shop payments (at the „POS” – point of sales)
  • Private and secure
  • Own wallet on the smartphone or other smart device of your choice
  • Smartphone paired with the ZENIQ HUB
  • Simple operation – suitable for the masses – intuitive to use.

Question 4:

Is the blockchain planned as an ecosystem like Ethereum?

Yes, absolutely.

Question 5:

Why did you start the ZENIQ project?

The goal is, to establish ZENIQ as one of the global leaders within the Multi Trillion dollar Market of Tokenization. For this reason, both a legal and technical process is being developed which can map an automated tokenization process. The global volume of tokenization projects (according to a forecast of the World Economic Forum) will reach around 24,000 billion (24Trillion) dollars worldwide by the end of 2027.

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Question 6:

What is the difference between the physical HUB and the so called In-House Minting HUBs in regards to the Minting Power of its Masternodes?

If they are activated at the same time (in regards to Time & Sales Halving) there is no relevant difference in the number of Coins which are minted by this masternodes. The physical HUB has multiple functionalities with massive advantages for the user. The only drawback on the physical hub is that it will not start minting coins until you receive and activate it. The in-house minting hub start minting for you almost immediately after your payment is received.

Question 7:

Why does the number of minted Coins change from time to time (not the same amount of coins every day)?

A certain fluctuation is typical for any minting process, as it depends on the number of processed transaction, which is not constant. As 99% of all coins are minted through masternodes, 1% is counter-confirmed by miners in blocks. This procedure guarantees that the ZENIQ Blockchain will always be supported by miners in the future. The minting as well as the counter-confirmation of the miners can be viewed transparently on the website ZENIQ.com under the menu item “Minting“.

There you the seven questions answered. And I trust things are getting clearer to help you understand the ZENIQ Blockchain and the accompanying coin.

If you desire to start minting coins and start turning in lasting profits you can leave as a legacy for your children, then Signup to start the process of buying your full in-house or physical minting hub today.

Signup takes less than 5 minutes, and you can be on your way to minting coins that will give you peace of mind and great ROI in 3 months or less.

If you still any unanswered questions, kindly write it in the comment section below. Even your advice and suggestions are welcome.


To your Success and Prosperity!

IAM Ifeanyi Uche


(Please, note that nothing in this article is a financial advice. Everything that has been written anywhere on this website are for educational purpose only. Kindly contact your financial advisor if you need financial advice).



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